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Base Joomla K2 sites (2021)
Price: 45.0035.00 USD
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We offer for sale an updated and excellent base of K2 sites (Joomla with component K2).

This is the biggest "sleek" database of sites on the Joomla K2 engine. For those who want to buy - this purchase will be a pleasant surprise, because you will become one of the few owners of such an extensive database of sites on Joomla (K2).

Actuality: 2021.

In the database: 98,914 unique links leading to the registration c "descriptionmsg", a total database of 699,557 domains of sites on the JK2 engine, as well as a sample for comments of 301 thousand links were made separately.

Features of this database:

- uniqueness, especially for article or blog promotion, or even comments;

- Excellent mass character;

- immediately contains links for registration (... view = register, .. view = registration, as well as non-standard);

- three files (common database, database for registration, database for comments) in standard .txt format;

- sorted alphabetically;

- duplicates have been deleted;

- Validation, check and debris removed.

For real customers, there is a discount now - 15%.

Purpose: personal use, analysis, promotion of articles and promotion of sites (raising TIC and MOZ, DA for sites, blogs, forums), well suited for programs of class Article Monster, GSA, Xneolinks, Xrumer, etc.
  • Available Online: Yes
  • Product Added: 3 years ago
  • Expired on: 12/31/20