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Rwsbank - Loans, business services, deposits, issuance, bank guarantees, metal sales, money transfers
"RwS bank" is a stable partner that offers a wide range of beneficial solutions to individuals and corporate businesses. We understand and appreciate clients and their needs, and therefore we promptly provide a solution to all financial issues.


Provide clients with a reliable financial instrument in the banking sector, create conditions for mutually beneficial partnerships, and spread the principles of trust in the banking system as a whole.

The bank's ideology is based on the following principles:

- Customer focus.

- Each client is important to us, we pay each individual attention. An individual manager is assigned to each client of the bank.

- Devotion and responsibility.

- We are responsible for the services provided, thereby demonstrating the seriousness of our intentions and reliability as a partner.

"RwS bank" is an experienced team, so you can quickly get professional advice and all services of a financial institution:

Settlement and cash services;

Deposit programs;

Loans for any needs;

Bank guarantees and other documentary operations;

Program for IT professionals;

Purchase and sale of bank metals, etc.
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ReCredit (Creditservice LLC) is the only company in Ukraine that specializes in refinancing microloans with a total debt of UAH 100,000. You can also apply for a loan for any other purpose: repair, treatment, purchase of goods, car, business support.

Up to 30 thousand UAH online in electronic form in the personal account the client signs, and over 30 thousand in paper form in our office or through Novaya pochta, if the regions.

Advantages of the program:

+ minimum documents - passport and TIN;

+ favorable conditions;

+ intuitive interface.

Competitive advantages and features:

+ card loans up to UAH 100,000;

+ term - up to 12 months;

+ monthly commission: 5.9% per month;

+ online registration of loans up to UAH 30,000;

+ one-time commission of 5.9% - deducted when transferring the loan amount to the client on the card;

+ credit for individuals and businesses.

GEO - district regional centers, large cities. Wherever there is "New Mail".
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  • Phone No.: 0-800-21-66-75