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Moguta CMS
MogutaCMS is a platform that allows you to create your online store without special programming skills. Moguta.CMS was developed by Russian developers for domestic entrepreneurs and contains only the necessary functionality with an intuitive interface.

The free, unlimited free version will help you launch your online store quickly and without investments, and the 14-day test version will help you fully appreciate all the advantages of the paid version of the platform for the Moguta.CMS online store.

We strive to make Internet business in Russia and the CIS with the help of our products was at the same time simple, affordable and effective.

The first thing is the client

Everything we do, we do for our customers. By creating new products or making updates to our platform, we strive to make the process of creating and maintaining an online store more convenient. We want our customers to focus on sales, not on setting up online store processes. In our cms platform there is no superfluous functionality, and sites are loaded instantly. We constantly collect feedback from our customers, and this gives us a vector of development. When working on new products, we strive to make them exactly what our customers want them to be.

Active position in the market

The platform for online stores MogutaCMS occupies an active position in the market. Our team regularly holds specialized events for clients and partners, as well as for those who just follow our news.
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