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Nic UA
We provide all the services that your site needs: we register domains and support them on our own name servers, provide hosting, issue trademarks and SSL certificates.

NIC.UA was established in 2007. The company's founders Andrei Khvetkevich and Sergei Bulakh were the first in Ukraine to develop software that fully automates the domain registration process. We are the first and so far the only ones to implement name servers of our own development. Entries on them are updated instantly and can work on IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

Our goal is reliable and safe operation of your project, so we strive for trouble-free operation of services. We also help to make transactions of sale and purchase of domains, sites or the whole business. We understand that domains and sites are intellectual property, and we never pass on information about them to third parties without careful verification.

Our clients are small and medium-sized businesses from all over the world, as well as individuals. The NIC.UA website works in three languages ​​and accepts any payment instruments, which allows you to order Ukrainian domains from any country.

It is profitable to work with NIC.UA: we have an affiliate program, a bonus payment system and special discounts for regular customers.

We all automated! Therefore, NIC.UA has only fifteen employees. Each of them takes care to create a cozy home for your site. Meet part of our team:
  • Sell Online: Yes
  • Phone No.: +380 44 593-32-22
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