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SOFTTECH Company - Software Development

Started in 2002 – specialized in Software Development, having until 2013 more than 500 Software platforms applied in many fields.

The most important Software platforms that can be mentioned are:

Gambling, Bingo and National Lottery software for african countries

Best SEO Software (Money Robot Submitter)

Most powerful SEO software available on the market.

Curently developing Antivirus database for Windows operation system, Android and iphone.

Document Management for Inter-Ministerial Relations, Parliament Laws Relations and Districts Relations;

Management Software for Traffic of Trains/Ships/Planes

Cars Management and Systematic of Traffic software

Citizen public records software

Face recognition of a person from a digital photo and/or video from a group of persons

Population Census Software

Electoral Software for African Countries

Long Distance Wireless Software Applications

Long Distance Wireless Video Surveillance Software (VSS)

Medical Software Platform (MedPro) (used by more than 1.000 Doctors)

Real Estate Software Platform (ImobilPro) (used by more than 3000 Real estate Agencies)

Children Educational Software (Revista copiilor) (more than 1.000.000 users)

Children Entertainment Online Platforms (10.000 daily visitors)

Online Software Downloading Platform - more than 100.000 software applications with more than 100.000 daily visitors

Newspaper online Platforms

Online Trading platform for:

- Oil Petroleum: d2 gas oil; kerosene jet fuel; mazut;

- construction products : cement;

- food products : fish, rice, sugar,vegetable oil, water

- metals : gold bare, gold bullion, gold dust,

- others : diamonds , coal,
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Products for SOFTTECH Company - Software Development:
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A firm SEO plan is crucial for boosting organic traffic and enhancing online presence amidst the cut-throat online marketing industry. Streamlining the SEO process is essential, and Money Robot Submitter is the perfect tool that can automate and simplify your SEO efforts with its advanced features. Furthermore, by using our promo code, you can purchase this powerful software at an exclusive discount. Learn more about how Money Robot Submitter can transform your online presence in the following paragraphs.

What does the Money Robot Submitter Software refer to?

The Money Robot Submitter is a comprehensive SEO tool that automates a range of SEO tasks to enhance your search engine results page (SERP) ranking. Its features include clever automation, AI, and an intuitive interface that streamlines and hastens your SEO operations. The Money Robot Submitter is the perfect solution for creating backlinks, generating content, gauging rankings, and more, giving you the advantage you require in the digital landscape.

Money Robot Submitter offers unparalleled features and advantages.

With Money Robot Submitter, you have access to a powerful link-building module that enables you to construct top-notch backlinks from a range of sources. This tool encompasses every critical component of efficient link building, including article directories, social bookmarking sites, Web 2.0 platforms, and forums.

Creating original and captivating content plays a crucial role in achieving SEO success. With its advanced content creation and rotation engine, Money Robot Submitter produces top-notch articles and transforms them into multiple unique versions, ensuring the freshness of your content and maintaining its search engine friendliness.

Automating SEO tasks can come to a standstill due to captchas. Money Robot Submitter offers a smart captcha solution featuring an advanced algorithm to automatically solve captchas on various platforms. This saves you precious time and spares you the hassle of solving captchas manually.

Money Robot Submitter streamlines the submission process by automating it on various platforms such as article directories, social networks, press release sites, and others. You no longer have to do manual submissions, and it helps broaden your audience reach.

Monitoring the ranking of keywords is crucial in evaluating the effectiveness of your SEO strategies. To help you evaluate your progress and arrive at informed decisions, Money Robot Submitter provides comprehensive keyword tracking and rank monitoring functionalities.

Money Robot Submitter offers in-depth analysis and reporting capabilities that enable you to monitor the success of your SEO campaigns. By evaluating backlink profiles, content engagement, and traffic metrics, you can refine your strategy and gain valuable insights.

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