XRumer 23 Strong AI: Dozens of times more efficient! Announcement, start of pre-order

XRumer 23 Strong AI: Dozens of times more efficient! Announcement, start of pre-order

Thanks to your active participation, over the past few years, XEvil has become the top captcha-solving program on the market. In regards to the development of XEvil 6.0 [Beta], in less than half a year we have managed to attain a considerable portion of our goals: we implemented hCaptcha support with 90+ supported task types, added dozens of new basic captcha types (including Cyrillic script-based, case-sensitive, animated, etc.), expanded the capabilities of the API, and made many other improvements — and by the end of year we plan to achieve the rest of the goals: release ReCaptcha Enterprize, FunCaptcha, and implement GPU support.

In the five coming months we plan to make XRumer a top-of-the-line program - make it an undisputed industry leader in the realm of link-building and online marketing. To achieve this, we are ready and willing to pour all our expertise on neural networks (which we have accumulated over the years) into this project. Most of the work has been done already. Yet, given that the websites' protections and architecture have drastically gained in complexity over the past decade, the labor and financial costs of development have surged.

You can pre-order XRumer 23 StrongAI in your profile at BotmasterLabs.Net: go to "Download" section, and click on the XRumer 23 StrongAI banner. We offer a wide range of payment options, including cryptocurrencies, bank cards (both Russian and foreign), WM, Privat24, Faster Payments System (SPB), etc.

XRumer 23 Strong AI: announcement and start of pre-order campaign

Twenty to fifty times more efficient!

Release date: March 2023 (five months from now) - the release version is to include the functionality described in the four following items (see below):

Price and Conditions:

From October 25 to October 31 inclusive: 80 USD + bonus 3 month subscription + bonus links base of 30 million links upon release*

From November 1 to November 10 inclusive: 80 USD + bonus 1 month subscription + bonus links base of 20 million links upon release*

From November 11 to December 25 inclusive: 95 USD + bonus links base of 20 million links upon release

From December 25 : 100 USD without bonus

Thus, as was the case with XEvil 6.0 [Beta], the earlier you pre-order, the more money you save and the more you benefit. The bonus links base will be available upon release - it will be compiled specifically for the update.

Customers who purchased access to XEvil 5.0 [Beta] or XEvil 6.0 [Beta] will get a 10 USD discount.

Features of XRumer 23 Strong AI

1.) Artificial intelligence in website processing: dozens of times more effective!

This is the primary feature of the new program, which will help to boost performance by orders of magnitude. We have already compiled contents of millions of websites and developed tools for manual training of the algorithm: a crowd-sourced platform's employees will need to show the algorithm where the registration/verification/entry/posting links are located, specify the purpose of forms' fields, locations and types of captchas. This is the most resource-intensive part of the work, which we should start right away to produce a versatile AI algorithm that can work with any website, regardless of the engine, language, etc. Of course, the functionality (introduced in the latest XEvil versions) we developed over the course of our work on the JS browser will also come in handy. The list of new features also includes re-linking and intelligent grid generation.

2.) Support for over 80.000 new text-based captcha types

This is a tried and true method - also expensive, but undoubtedly effective. Some of you might remember that two years ago we worked on a similar project using crowdsourcing, which resulted in an update that increased traffic-based returns from trust forums more than tenfold. This time, we shall go even further and, using the obtained results, shall teach a GPT model, which will be able to use its encyclopedic knowledge and cognitive awareness to answer questions presented even in previously unseen text-based captchas (XEvil has similar features, but its knowledge base is much more limited). To implement this, we will be collecting XRumer logs from volunteers (\Debug\!TC_v19.txt) - the longer your logs, the better.

Here, by text-based captchas we mean captchas that rely on logical anti-bot questions, such as "What is the capital of Zimbabwe?" or " What is 3+8, write your answer using words", etc.

3.) Functionality for generating meaningful and relevant comments using AI

Much work has been done on this front already. Now we just need to expand the knowledge base and add various modes (commercial, general, etc.). We plan to showcase the first results as soon as this November.

4.) Support for up to 1000 threads, made possible by transfer of logic into 64-bit modules

One of the main known weaknesses of the current iteration of XRumer is a limited number of threads it can support. This is due to its 32-bit module: no matter how much RAM you have, Windows cannot allocate more than 2 GB to the program. Rewriting the 32-bit code with hundreds of thousands of lines into 64-bit code is an almost impossible task. But after a number of experiments we have found an elegant way to solve this problem by "offloading" the program through auxiliary modules, much like it was done with XEvil. This will practically solve the thread issue and the resulting performance will depend on the PC's capabilities, namely RAM and CPU.

+ following the release we shall implement other important features as well.


1.) Do you plan to release updates for the current XRumer after the release of XRumer 23 StrongAI?

Yes, of course. XRumer will receive regular updates, with new improvements and fixes, as well as new links bases.

2.) Are participants of the XEvil 6.0 [Beta] or XEvil 5.0 [Beta] beta tests eligible for a discount?

Yes, as mentioned in the beginning of the post, they are eligible for a 10 USD discount.

3.) Will this hamper the development of XEvil in any way?

No, not at all. XRumer development is handled by a completely different team, practically uninvolved in the development of XEvil.

4.) How do I pre-order?

You can pre-order XRumer 23 StrongAI in your profile at BotmasterLabs.Net: go to "Download" section, and click on the XRumer 23 StrongAI banner. We offer a wide range of payment options, including cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, etc.), bank cards, PayPal, WM, Privat24, AdvCash, etc.